Facilities & Surroundings

We offer a couple of options for where to stay and provide all the necessary facilities.


The Ecovillage has a lot to offer!

Tiny Homes

Spend a romantic weekend in one of our four tiny homes surrounded by walnut trees with a view to the treehouse.


Built in 2020, the treehouse is an especially eye-catching feature of the village.


Refreshing and proper sanitation are available in the closely located common outdoor showers.

Deep Soaking Bathtub

Take a break and enjoy the view while relaxing in one of the most extraordinarily placed bathtubs around.

Relaxing Hammocks

Grab your favorite book and start to float.

Guest WiFi

Guest WiFi is available for everyone.

Fire Bowl

We have a fire bowl ready for you to enjoy late night bonfires in a safe envrionment.

temple, nature, art-6594770.jpg

workin' on it!

Our next project is a smoking pavillion, so our smoking guests can have their needs met outside even on rainy days.


There's a kitchen for our guests. Including a stove, dishwasher, washing machine, coffee machine and more!

Other Perks

Go Explore! We are surrounded by beautiful natural gems, and the city of Hainburg is full of historical landmarks.

Danube Walks

Take walks to the nearby Danube river and go for a swim.

Dining with a View

The Golden Anchor (Zum Goldenen Anker) offers great classical cuisine.

Castle Heimenburg

The home of the knight who started it all.

Ruin Röthelstein

Read up on the many folktales that the region has to offer and enjoy an amazing view.

Medieval City

Explore the historical inner city of Hainburg an der Donau with a guide or on your own.

Annual Medieval Festival

Once a year the town travels back in time.

Roman City Carnuntum

Carnuntum was a Roman legionary fortress and headquarters of the Pannonian fleet from 50 AD. After the 1st century, it was capital of the Pannonia Superior province. It also became a large city of 50,000 inhabitants.

Heathens' Gate

The Heidentor is about 900 m south of the roman city of Carnuntum and was probably built in the reign of Emperor Constantius II (351-361 AD).

Mountain Pools

Outdoor pools with slides, springboards, a kids' area and a view of the mountains.


There are caves located on the surrounding mountains that are waiting to be explored!

Celtic Watch-Tower

Enjoy the view over Hainburg and the Danube river on this historical landmark.

Hundsheim's Mountains

The Hundsheim mountains cradle the city of Hainburg.

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