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The Ecovillage Hainburg

Our Story

We started the ecovillage in an attempt to breathe new life into materials, we had accumulated from previous projects. Starting in 2020 we built the tiny homes and the treehouse with the help of many friends over the couse of many fun months. 


Us Now

Since opening in 2022, we’ve been welcoming guests from all around the world! While gaining experience with hoasting, we’re always trying to better our guests experience by continuing to improve our facilities and adding new cozy spaces to enjoy.

The Team

honua & the family

The ecovillage is a project by the honua co working space in cooperation with the manamana cognition hub. 


The heart and soul of the ecovillage, Maria is taking the best care of our guests and the vision behind it all. She is a busy bee with an amazingly creative brain that can never hold still.


Having been an Engineer his entire life, Franz is in charge of all the constructionwork and planning. He also has a big heart for plants and loves to take care of our wonderful garden.


With his two magical hands, Felix is an allrounder handyman who can fix almost everything. He has a big part in maintaining the beauty of the ecovillage.


Jana takes care of everything online, like this very website you are looking at right now. She is mainly active in the backoffice but also enjoys spending time planting flowers.

Village Rules

Our Community Guidelines

– Please be respectful towards other guests and our neighbors.

– Do not go into private properties and do not enter the hall.

– No littering, be mindful towards nature.

– No pets.

– Parents are responsible for their children. Children are only allowed as of twelve years old

-No smoking indoors or in communal areas (smoking is allowed in the dedicated smoking area in the garden).

– Leave the communal spaces clean at all times (bathroom, kitchen, treehouse, garden).

– Use the treehouse at your own risk.

– Do not mine bitcoin.

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You can listen to our Ecovillage Playlist and if you want to support us, you can come help us via workaway or buy us a cup of coffee. We’d also appreciate it if you took the time to give us a Google Maps review!

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We are looking forward to having you stay with us!

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