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Where to find us:

Stromstraße 13 / Gate 1,
2410 Hainburg an der Donau,

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Reception Hours:

8:00 AM - 18:00 PM

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For Bookings:

+43 670 5528 664

Regarding the Website or our Social Media Profiles:

+43 681 8180 4780

Location & Directions

Arriving by bike, train, car, or even by boat? The directions below should make it as easy as possible to find your way to the Ecovillage!

Ecovillage Map

The address of the Ecovillage is Stromstraße 13 / Gate 1, 2410 Hainburg

After your arrival at the destination, look out for the signs “Gate 1” and “Ecovillage”. The wooden sliding gate should be open for your entry. 

Follow the path until the treehouse is to your left. Then, facing the treehouse, follow the cobblestone paths to your Willow Wagon. Our Tiny House Wagons are numbered from left to right.

For cars: You can park in front of the wooden fence in the designated parking spots to the right of Gate 1. 
For bikes: There is a bike stand with a plug for E-Bikes inside the Ecovillage. You can find it on the Map. 

Arriving by train, bus or boat? We’re always happy to give you instructions on the fastest (or prettiest) way to get here. 

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